What’s this all about then?

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So, what’s this page all about then?  Well… those of you who know me will know by now that I have a bit of a Kit Kat obsession. As far as I can recall, I’ve always enjoyed a Kit Kat. They’re good for lunchboxes, good for dunking in tea, and generally not a bad biscuit. But I don’t think anyone would have described me as a ‘fan’ of Kit Kats… until I went to Japan.

I first visited Japan in 2006. Before that first trip a friend said to me, “They make wine flavoured Kit Kats in Japan – please find one for me!”.  I thought he was having me on, as all I could find were green-tea flavoured Kit Kats. On my second trip the following year, I looked again.  This time I found ’sakura’ (cherry blossom) Kit Kats (actually, peach flavoured).  Still no wine flavour.

I moved to Japan in 2008 and lived there for three years. While living there, the obsession grew and I discovered all sorts of different, unimaginable flavours of Kit Kats. I would often do the rounds of the convenience stores, looking for new flavours I had heard about, and visiting a different region, where they sold regional varieties of Kit Kats, was a real treat!

You might be wondering why Kit Kats (originally created by British company Rowntree’s) have become so popular in Japan. Well, the way ‘Kit Kat’ is pronounced in Japanese is ‘kitto katto’, which just happens to sound like the Japanese phrase ‘kitto katsu’ (きっとかつ), meaning ‘certain victory’. Because of this, Kit Kats have become a popular item for packed lunches in Japan, especially during exam season. Nestlé (who now produce Kit Kats worldwide), even make special ‘exam season’ Kit Kats, Kit Kats you can post, and ones you can write messages on. It’s phenomenal.

In 2011 I moved back to the UK, where our Kit Kat flavours are much more limited. However, there are new ones sometimes, and I still have connections in Japan to get hold of fascinating foreign flavours! So, this site is a celebration of Kit Kats from around the world – mainly Japan and the UK, but if I visit somewhere else, I will keep an eye open for Kit Kats.

All the photos you will see on this site are my own photos, unless otherwise stated.  My full collection of Kit Kat photos can be seen on Flickr. I should also mention that I am in no way affiliated with Nestlé or any other company connected to Kit Kats.

If you come across this site and find you can relate to this curious hobby, please leave me a comment and let’s share links!

Have a break, have a Kit Kat! 😉

Hello Kitty's Jubilee picnic, feat. Brit Kat

Hello Kitty’s Jubilee picnic, feat. Brit Kat


31 Comments on “What’s this all about then?”

  1. aikomiya says:

    I found the wine flavored one! It was awesome! I can send you a pic of the box/wrappers if you like. They were mini-sized.

  2. The Goddess says:

    OMG – I blog about the many flavours of kit-kats in Japan too. I blog about other things as well, but whenever I find a new flavour I blog it.

    Great to see a like minded girl. (I saw your link from Being-a-broad forums)

  3. redracer says:

    Well done – I have also been collecting Kitkats (mostly from Japan also) for a while now, and have built this page – http://redracer.wordpress.com/the-kit-kat-page/ (no photos yet – sorry !!!)

    I think I have one you don’t – the Yamagata limited edition Sakuranbo box 🙂

    • Haikugirl says:

      Hi there – thanks for stopping by! Impressive list! I’m sure you’ve got lots I don’t have – it’s hard to catch them all! 😉

      • redracer says:

        Well it’s a lot easier when you are actually IN Japan !!! Are you in Tokyo ?

        I haven’t translated the names of some of mine yet, so your extensive list may help me 🙂

        BTW, I haven’t eaten ANY of those listed yet !!!

  4. Haikugirl says:

    No, I’m in Nagoya right now. I hope my site can help you translate! Wow – you should eat them too! Some of them are awesome!

  5. nikey says:

    for awhile we were getting lim.eds in california but then it stopped. the mocha one and probably the mint were best. the orange cream was delicious as well.

  6. achan says:

    I just found your site and I can’t believe how many Kit Kats come in the ‘mail’ version. Living in rural Japan I dont have access to these but you’ve inspired me to pack some extra money on my big city visits to bring some back!!!

    I pigged out on the wine version when it was released. There were actually two different flavours released at the time but I thought one was much better than the other. I managed to send about 10 boxes back to Australia for Christmas presents!! Now my friends are enjoying the Ginger Ale ones. Kit Kat doesn’t release different flavours in Australia so it is a real novelty.

    As the saying goes ‘Take a break, have a Kit Kat’

  7. Abi says:

    I love that you have this site for kitkats! I was so excited when I tried a peach one in Japan, and subsequently a banana one in the UK but it was a foreign import and cost a fortune. I miss the foil wrapping UK kitkats used to have but the Japanese internal wrapping made up for it.

  8. Jen Ken says:

    Yay-another Kit Kat blogger! I will be linking you on my own blog – Jen Ken’s Kit Kat Blog. I’m very jealous of your Kit Kat daruma and the Kit Kat yogurt dessert. Cheers and look forward to reading more.

  9. Wow! I never knew there were so many varieties of KitKat. Thanks for your informative blog. I’ll certainly be coming back for more.

  10. Bruno says:

    Hi Haikugirl!
    i live in Portugal and also collect kit kat, really addicting, i buy every new flavour and it’s nice to know i’m not alone :).
    By the way if you have doubles of any wrappers i may be interested in exchanging.
    Let me know.

    • Haikugirl says:

      Hi Bruno!
      Happy to hear from another Kit Kat addict!
      I’m afraid I don’t keep my wrappers though – I’d never have space. 😉

      • Bruno says:

        Really? That’s a shame… If you don’t keep them instead of throwing them out i don’t suppose you would put the wrappers aside and send them to me, i’ll pay for the shipping costs.

  11. Rebecca says:

    Hi there, came across your blog while having a Kit Kat craving! Anyway, I wanted to share with you another way a Kit Kat lover can get the latest and most exotic flavors right to their doorstep! We have just launched a start-up, ShopandBox (www.shopandbox.com), which is basically peer-to-peer shopping around the globe. You simply have to put in a request for something you want (e.g azuki red bean sandwich kit kat from japan) and you will be matched with someone called a Boxer in Japan who will help you buy whatever you want, box it up and express ship it to your door! Would love to tell you more about this and maybe you’ll like to give us a try? Satisfy those kit kat cravings =) Email me here and would love to chat more: http://www.shopandbox.com/contact-us.html

    • Haikugirl says:

      Thanks for the comment Rebecca! Your venture certainly sounds interesting! I’ll be in Japan stocking up myself soon, but next time I have a craving I’ll be sure to bear you in mind! 🙂

  12. Russell Deasley says:

    This blog is…..AWESOME!!! (and tasty)
    I have to admit I didn’t think there was so many flavours and styles.

    If you like Kit Kats that much check out the number 1 from my blog post here…

  13. Allison says:

    I would love to know if you have found any kit kat flavors that are dairy free.

  14. peterpayne says:

    We posted Pumpkin Pudding Kit Kats that you can bake (!!) to J-List, if anyone is interested:


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