Japanese Kit Kats from sushi noms

What’s a Japanese Kit Kat loving girl to do if she lives in the UK and needs a chocolatey fix? Head straight over to sushinoms.com, that’s what! sushi noms is a UK-based online shop which sells Japanese snacks and accessories, straight from Japan. They are the number one distributor of Japanese Kit Kats in the UK, and they happen to be a lovely bunch of people too!

I was very excited to received this Kit Kat packed box in the post the other day:

Japanese Kit Kats from sushinoms.com

The Kit Kats were packaged securely in a strong cardboard box so they didn’t rattle around or get squished, and the small individual Kit Kats were kept secure in cellophane bags.

sushi noms sells a huge variety of Japanese Kit Kat flavours, from green tea to strawberry cheesecake, red bean sandwich to rum raisin! Check out their full range of Kit Kats here. Japanese Kit Kats don’t come cheap, but if you want a genuine taste of Japan sushi noms’ Kit Kats come an awful lot cheaper than a plane ticket to Tokyo.

Check out the sushi noms website: sushinoms.com

And check out this fantastic article about Japanese Kit Kats on the sushi noms blog: A little about Japanese Kit Kat

Japanese Kit Kats from sushinoms.com


4 Comments on “Japanese Kit Kats from sushi noms”

  1. keitaigoddess says:

    Hey there,

    Tracey here from Tokyo. Fellow kit kat lover – my blog is keitaigoddess.comand I blog about kit kats from time to time.

    But I just wanted to let you know there is finally a shop for kit kats in Ikebukero. I will be making a pilgrimage there soon so if you would like me to report back I would be happy to.

    Cheers, Tracey

  2. skipp says:

    Hi haikugirl

    Just discovered sushinoms thanks to this post!
    Previously I’d been importing kitkats straight from Japan, which meant they were a very rare treat.
    Hopefully my kit kat obsession will become a much more affordable hobby from here on out!

    My wallet and kit kat cravings thank you


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