Kit Kat Chunky Champion 2013 (UK)

Following the success of last year’s Chunky Champion, Kit Kat UK have launched a 2013 round of the competition to find the best new Kit Kat Chunky flavour. The flavours on offer this time are: mint, coconut, hazelnut and choc fudge.

New Kit Kat Chunky flavours (UK)

I’ve only tried the choc fudge one so far (although the others are waiting in my fridge for me!), but it’s a clear winner as far as I’m concerned. We already have mint Kit Kats in the UK, so what’s the point in making a chunky mint one? Hazelnut will be nice, and I’m sure coconut will be ok, but the choc fudge  one is just so rich and chocolatey. *drool*

Anyway, if you want to join in the voting, visit the Kit Kat Facebook page.

Chunky Champion 2013


2 Comments on “Kit Kat Chunky Champion 2013 (UK)”

  1. KathSunga says:

    Oh my gosh, there’s hazelnut KitKat? Wondering when that flavor will be available in our country. Drooling!

    Thanks for your informative post! 🙂

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