Kit Kat Big リトル (Japan)

I’ve posted about Kit Kat Big リトル (Big Little) from Japan before, but in June last year I was able to get a boxed version, which I think is pretty cool:

Kit Kat Big リトル (Japan)

It reminded me of those boxes of Maltesers you can get. I don’t know why the shape should make the taste any different, but I do prefer these to regular Kit Kats. They’re very moreish though!

Kit Kat Big リトル (Japan)

One thing I love about Japanese Kit Kats is trying to work out what all of the writing on the packaging says. On the back of this box (below) there’s a cute Kit Kat Big リトル talking (it looks like Pac-Man) and he’s saying 「サクッサク触感のキットカット Bigリトル!」 (sakusaku shokkan no kitto katto big ritoru). This means something like “crunchy texture Kit Kat Big Little”. Elsewhere on the box it says 「パクパクウマイ」 (pakupaku umai), which is a little harder to translate. ‘Pakupaku’ is a sort of opening and closing of the mouth, much like a puppet’s mouth, and ‘umai’ means ‘delicious’, so I guess it’s saying that they’re delicious to eat. Japanese onomatopoeic words (giseigo, giongo and gitaigo) are fascinating, but can be hard to translate! As geeky as this sounds, it’s my dream to be able to pick up a Japanese Kit Kat and be able to read and understand every word on it!

Kit Kat Big リトル (Japan)


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