Zunda Kit Kat for Tohoku

Zunda (ずんだ) Kit Kat for Tohoku

Oh happy days – my lovely friend sent me a Zunda (ずんだ) Kit Kat from Japan! 😀 This Kit Kat is extra special, because it is being sold to help raise money for Japan. ¥10 from every bar goes to Red Cross Japan.

So what is zunda? Well, in the words of Alice from SuperHappyAwesomeZunda is basically mashed up, unroasted, sweetened soy beans. It’s a staple in the Tohoku area apparently, and a common sweet like Anko or red bean paste in other parts of Japan.

The Kit Kat is made with white chocolate which has a sort of pale green hint to it, and the general taste is… beany. It reminds me of something which I can’t quite put my finger on (perhaps edamame?!), but I like it. [Edit: I’ve just worked out what the flavour reminds me of – it’s those Calbee edamame crisps you can get in Japan!!]


One Comment on “Zunda Kit Kat for Tohoku”

  1. […] edamame or broad beans into a paste, lightly sweetens the mixture and tops it over mochi. There are zunda flavored kit kat bars out there, haven’t spotted them yet). Since we don’t have a mortar and pestle, we used […]

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