What would you do with 48 four-finger Kit Kats?!

Do you remember the other day when I won a Kit Kat sculpture competition? Well, the prize turned up the next day…

My prize: a box of 48 4-finger Kit Kats!

48 four-finger Kit Kats.

My prize: a box of 48 4-finger Kit Kats!

Yes, 48. Count them.

Kit Kats

I sat and looked at them for a while, happy, excited, but fearful that this was the end of any chance I ever had at dieting. Naturally, while I was thinking I had a Kit Kat…

Regular 4-finger Kit Kat (UK)

As I don’t have my own place of work right now, I decided to give a whole bunch of them to my mum to take into her office. That helped me get rid of a lot of them. Don’t get me wrong, you know I love Kit Kats and would happily make them the seventh food group, but I have no will power when it comes to Kit Kats. If they’re in the house, I eat them.

So, I got on the Internet and Googled “Kit Kat recipes”. It wasn’t long before I found a recipe for Kit Kat crunch cheesecake, which looked divine. I was going to a friend’s house for dinner on Saturday night, so I decided it was time to bake and share!

The recipe was really simple. I won’t repeat the whole recipe here as it’s not my own, but please click here if you want to know exact quantities etc.

Basically, I took six four-finger Kit Kats and smashed them up, which was fun.

First smash the Kit Kats

After crushing them and mixing them with melted butter, I squished them into a cake tin to make the cheesecake’s base:

Line a cake tin with the smashed Kit Kats and melted butter

Then I mixed mascarpone cheese with whipped double cream (light version!), lime juice and zest, and sugar:

Mix mascarpone cheese with whipped double cream, lime juice and zest and sugar

And made the topping:

Almost finished - time to chill!

I added some lime slices for decoration, which was a bad idea.

Kit Kat crunch cheesecake

They looked pretty but tasted bad the next day, so don’t do that! we had to pick them off before we ate the cheesecake.

Despite the near failure-by-lime, the cheesecake was a success!

Kit Kat crunch cheesecake

Yay me! 😀

I still have more Kit Kats to dispose of. If you have any recipes or creative ideas, please let me know!


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