Kit Kat Party Pack

This seems to be a kind of ‘party pack’ or ‘value pack’, designed for taking to a party or picnic. You get three extra Kit Kats free in the pack.

Kit Kat Party Pack

This is the back view. You can see that the Kit Kats have spaces for you to write a message on, such as ありがとう (thank you).
Kit Kat Party Pack

At the top of the back view, you can see a message, which says チョコっと書いて、想いを伝えよう。This means something like “write a little and convey a feeling”. What’s really interesting though, is that they have changed the characters at the beginning of the message to katakana. ちょこっと means ‘a little’, but they have used チョコっと, which still means ‘a little’, but includes the characters チョコ from チョコレート (chocolate). 😀


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