Rilakkuma Kit Kats!!

When I got back to work after my Silver Week vacation, I was so excited to find that my co-worker had been to the Rilakkuma store during her break.  Why was I so excited?  Well, I do like Rilakkuma…. and… she found Rilakkuma Kit Kats!!  The only thing that could top that would be Hello Kitty ones (I’m going to keep looking!).  Wow!!


These Rilakkuma Kit Kats are いちごみるく (ichigo milk – strawberry milk) flavour and, as well as being ridiculously cute, they were very yummy!


2 Comments on “Rilakkuma Kit Kats!!”

  1. aikomiya says:

    Oh my. Where is the Rirakkuma store? I HAVE to get these!

    • Haikugirl says:

      Aren’t they awesome?! I think my co-worker got them in a Rilakkuma store in or near Kyoto. But actually I saw them in a service area in Nagano last weekend too, so you must be able to get them in other places too. Cute AND tasty! 😀

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