Kit Kat Extra Crispy, from Hawaii

Kit Kat Extra Crispy from Hawaii, originally uploaded by Haiku Girl.

July 2009. One of my students went to Hawaii and brought this one back for me!

Interestingly, this Kit Kat is made by Reese (part of The Hershey Company), not Nestle, and it tastes totally different to regular Japanese or British Kit Kats! I didn’t realise this before, but American Kit Kats are made by Hershey. At first I thought it was like a fake Kit Kat or something, because even the logo is different, but it’s the real deal!


2 Comments on “Kit Kat Extra Crispy, from Hawaii”

  1. Aiko says:

    This is not from Hawaii!!!
    Your student must have stopped over in Taiwan or something…that’s the cheapest way I know of to go home!

  2. Aiko says:

    Oh! LOL maybe this is from Hawaii after all…my dumb computer didn’t load the picture and I thought you were talking about the KitKat with Chinese writing on it in the header. Taiwanese KitKats don’t taste like Japanese KitKats either…they’re kind of gross!

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